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At Khanyisa we believe that children
with different needs deserve the best…

The best learning opportunities.

The best staff.

The best resources.

The best playgrounds.

The best support systems.

And we are working hard to make this a daily reality for our students and their families.

We believe children with different needs are valuable and have much to offer our communities. We believe they can become contributing members of society who can fulfil roles and responsibilities, making a unique contribution to society.

We believe that each child with different needs has great potential and we feel it is our responsibility to help uncover it and tap into it, helping them to shine bright.

Khanyisa is an Isizulu word meaning “where light comes from”. Since 2013, we have been bringing light back to the lives of children who have different needs, and helping them in turn to become bright lights in their families and communities.

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In 2012 four women were confronted daily with the desperate need of families in the Durban community whose children with different needs were not able to access the daily educational and therapeutic intervention they needed in order to develop.

So in January 2013 they took a step of faith, and Khanyisa Centre opened its doors for the first time, offering a daily and holistic solution for children with different and multiple special needs.

Since then Khanyisa has remained committed to the initial vision – uncovering the potential of children with special needs every day. Khanyisa has gathered momentum on all fronts as we continue to pioneer special intervention services for all children, and make strides in advocating for disability.


At Khanyisa we uncover the potential of children with different needs every day. We combine therapy and educational environments to create holistic learning spaces with a transdisciplinary approach, for the maximum benefit of our students. Khanyisa accepts every child for who they are, and is committed to partnering with each family to journey with them in seeing their child become all they can.

#UncoveringPotential    #WhereLightComesFrom    #KhanyisaCentre

Khanyisa is a registered Trust, NGO, PBO and has Level 1 BEE certification. These registrations ensure our accountability to all legal bodies and also ensure that sponsors are able to benefit from their generous donations to Khanyisa.


Read about some of our students and see how Khanyisa has impacted their lives.

“Kaela started at Khanyisa in the 2nd term of 2021, she has progressed in ways we didn’t imagine in a short time from a child that was very shy and closed off to someone that is more independent and outgoing than she has ever been, We know that this change is because of the expert guidance and lessons of the Khanyisa team. Kaela has gained strength of mind and an understanding of the way the world works when there are other people around her.

One example of this is – in the past when we took her along to the shops she would pick whatever she liked (sometimes multiple items) but when it came time to pay she would not want to hand over the items to the cashier to scan and pay. She would literally fall to the floor and cry. Now, however through the reward / tuck shop system taught at Khanyisa, Kaela has learned that she can get a monetary reward for good deeds, and then use her own money for her goodies from the shop – so now when it’s time to pay the goods at areal shop, the money gets handed over to the cashier no problem.

Her verbal abilities have also progressed immensely – before starting at Khanyisa she would get so frustrated because no one understood what she wanted a lot of the time. She just did not have the vocabulary to express herself – now she tells us in full sentences in clear English exactly what she needs and how she needs it.

We have no doubt that Kaela has found the right place to be, and we have found the right combinations of therapies to help her. We look forward to her progressing even more this year in 2022.

Thank you so much for the work and dedication put in by the Khanyisa team to get Kaela this far in such a short time!”

Written by Kaela’s dad, Jan 2022 – Brendan Govindasamy


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Our Khanyisa trustees –
Meet the team that provides oversight and accountability to Khanyisa’s running and vision.

Dave has been married for 30 years to Sam, and together they have two adult daughters. Dave is an an entrepreneur, with operational experience in four different industry sectors, currently acting as the CEO of VUM Insurance. His intention is to help align the beautiful vision and Godly purpose of Khanyisa to business values, in order to ensure sustainability of the incredible organisation that it is.

Lauren is married to Matt, an Ophthalmologist and they are blessed with three grown children. She has been working as a local GP in the Durban area for over 20 years. Lauren has a special heart and passion for children, and has served on the Khanyisa board since its inception in 2013. Lauren assists with the medical advice and education of our staff, which has been especially necessary during the last 18months of the global Covid pandemic.

Lyndall is a wife and mom of 4. Their eldest is 13 years old and differently abled, which is why she is so passionate about the work being done at Khaniysa on a daily basis. Khanyisa was the solid foundation which allowed him to reach a grade 6 unassisted CAPS level academically. Aside from running the household, she is also the marketing director of Plastipak, and runs her own business called Hannah Grace which is a design, production and on-line retailing house. Her passion lies within the Phoenix community where she was raised, and continues to serve the local church. As a Khanyisa trustee Lyndall adds support and guidance in the area of curriculum development and marketing.

Marco is married to Sarah, they have 3 boys – Cruz, Dominic and Luco. Their eldest son Cruz attended Khanyisa for 4 years and Marco felt so strongly about the value that Khanyisa brought to Cruz and their family’s lives that he has remained a trustee knowing the impact that Khanyisa can make on more lives of families who have children with special needs. Marco and Sarah together run a specialized conveyancing only law firm in Umhlanga & Ballito. Marco is a Chartered Accountant by profession and assists with the financial affairs of Khanyisa.


See the team who work together every day to provide your child with the best intervention and care.

Khanyisa’s expert team of staff is comprised of individuals with the following professional qualifications, with almost a decade of experience:


Occupational Therapists,

Speech and Language Therapists,


Psychologists, and Teachers,

Class Assistants,

Facilitators and Caregivers.


Khanyisa’s expert team of staff is comprised of individuals with the following professional qualifications, with almost a decade of experience:


Occupational Therapists,

Speech and Language Therapists,


Psychologists, and Teachers,

Class Assistants,

Facilitators and Caregivers.


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