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We’re here for you

Uncovering your child’s potential starts here


We know you want the best for your child.

We know that this journey has been harder than you could have imagined.

We understand that you might be feeling alone and defeated, because you haven’t been able to find the resources and intervention your child needs to progress.

But, we are here to help you.

At Khanyisa, we believe every child has potential, and the capacity to become contributing members of society who have rights and responsibilities. Who can love, and be loved. Who can themselves, make a difference in their communities.We are raising hope one day at a time.

We’re here to partner with you and uncover your child’s potential.


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Where the world sees a diagnosis,
we see a child.

At Khanyisa Centre, we provide therapeutic and educational intervention for children from birth to fifteen years of age who have different needs (one or more special needs).

We believe that all children have strengths and potential, and we are passionate about uncovering this potential. Every child also has the ability to learn and excel if they are provided with appropriate learning opportunities. They can then grow to become contributing members of society who have responsibilities and rights.

We do not discriminate against race, religion or any disability, and we have a fully inclusive acceptance policy, with the best interests of the child in mind.

If your child is experiencing delays or challenges we want to help you.

Help is close by

At Khanyisa we are working hard to continually provide excellent resources and support to our students on site as well as to our community.

We have begun to compile a library of free resources that you can access to support your child’s development. You will find free videos, blogs, lessons, articles and downloads that you can start using right now! Click below on resources to view our ever-growing library.

We understand that working with children with different needs can feel overwhelming and confusing, especially in the beginning as you start to unpack what the diagnosis means. Although we have experience with many and multiple different needs, we have put together a few pages of the most common different needs to help you get started in understanding your child. Included here are, resources, stories, and information just for you.

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Getting help is here is easy

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Contact us

We want to know about you and understand your needs

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Tour our Facility

Experience first-hand the beauty and magic of Khanyisa

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Get connected

Access the support and programmes we offer